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Honorary Professor and Advisor

Prof. Kevin S.C. KWONG

Honorary Professor and Advisor,
PDPT, MSc, PhD (Bioeng.), RPT

Professor Kwong started his academic career since he joined the former Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1984.   After HK Polytechnic’s upgrading to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he was appointed with administrative duties as Programme Leader, Associate Head, and Chairman of Departmental Research Committee …etc, and he contributed to the development and upgrading of the Physiotherapy Programme throughout the past few decades until retirement in 2010. Professor Kwong joined the former Open University of Hong Kong in 2018, and he has been involved in the development of the new Physiotherapy Programme, with the first cohort of students admitted in 2020. 

Professor Kwong is appointed as Specialist by the HKCAAVQ for accreditation of local programmes, as well as Panelist by the World Physiotherapy (former WCPT) for Physiotherapy Programme accreditation. 

Professor Kwong’s academic interests (both teaching and research) include: biomechanics, movement studies, clinical measurement, acoustics and vibration in orthopaedics and rehabilitation.